Sunday, April 18, 2010

Verifying Ahmadinejad Quote (Part 2)

The President of Iran is a reactionary dictator with plenty of blood on his hands but did Ahmadinejad really say this:

¨To uproot and exterminate the corrupt microbe that is Israel¨

as this Russia Today correspondent reports:

Well Ha´aretz usually does its job, this is what they titled their article:

¨Ahmadinejad: Israel is a corrupt microbe on way to collapse¨

But in the body text the quote appears to state that the Zionist regime, not Israel was the noun in Ahmadinejad´s statement:

"The Zionist regime is on its way to collapse," said the Iranian president. "This is the will of the regional nations and that after 60 odd years, the root of this corrupt microbe and the main reason for insecurity in the region be pulled out."

Are the Imperialists plying for another shot at invasion?

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