Monday, May 10, 2010

Tsukerman´s ¨Perestroika¨ (2009) is chronically deficient

Holy crap this movie sucks. Distracting dubbing that makes you think you´re watching a cheap spanish soap opera on a sunday morning, terribly cheesy narrative, and no consistent plot.

What the fuck Tsukerman?

This is what slant said:
As Sasha wanders the now-"reformed" home of his youth, the film is stricken with temporal and thematic schizophrenia; oddly-placed references to past events inspire gawky transitions to a muted-color history of political scandal and religious conviction, returning to the elusive present only after thoroughly exhausting our patience with the protagonist's angst-riddled Semitic background, including his lifelong attempt to prove God's existence with astrophysics, and muddled, anhedonic sex life (two of his lovers are notably American, though it's unclear what political seduction this configuration is meant to figuratively embody). This protean array of national issues is no doubt a comprehensive checklist of post-Soviet Russian-Judaic identity, but as with the film's many technical deficiencies, the showing seams fail to suspend our disbelief, creating an angular, arrhythmic story.
However they fail to mention that after 1 hr 34 minutes the viewer is rewarded with a hilariously upbeat song.

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